Flame Retardant Spray Developed with New Raw Materials

Flame Retardant Spray Developed with New Raw Materials


FlameOff, a global company with sales in excess of 50 billion dollars, sought to penetrate the coatings market with new raw materials. They did not know the full range of market applications for their technology, nor did they have a commercial synthesis process for their technology.



Chemical Dynamics refined the synthesis process to enable facile production, defined multiple applications for the technology that included corrosion inhibitive pigments including replacement of chrome containing pigments, flame retardant additives, flatteners and opacity enhancement. Next, Chemical Dynamics formulated these products in multiple formulations for markets including building products, coil coatings, and product finishing. The technology was then introduced to multiple clients including current clients of Chemical Dynamics.



Soon after the technology was introduced and tested by multiple potential customers, commercial orders quickly followed. Today, this business segment is enjoying rapid growth.