Paint & Coatings Expertise

Paint & Coatings Expertise in Market Applications:

Aerospace, Appliance, Automotive OEM, Automotive Refinish, Coil coatings (appliance, building, truck trailer, thin film, industrial), Packaging and traffic marking coatings.

Problem Solving/Analysis:

Failure mode analysis, coating selection for optimum performance, coatings for warranted applications, various ASTM, AAMA test methods.

  • Failure Analysis
  • Process Improvement
  • Six Sigma Approach
  • Test Method Development

Resin and Coatings Development:

Higher solids oligomers (polyester, step growth and epoxy ester types), water born polyester and acrylic dispersion and latex, ultra durable polyesters, low cure polyester and acrylics, silicon polyester, fluoropolymer compositions, and UV curable oligomers and resins.

Coatings Expertise:

Low VOC content coatings including water born, higher solids, chrome free and heavy metal free coatings, powder and radiation cure. Low temperatures cure coatings for use over metallic and plastic substrates. Ultra durable compositions for coil and automotive applications. Thin film, conventional and thick film corrosion resistant primers.


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